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Parent/Student Handbook____________________________

Show Us Your Moves ! 

Welcome to the Lehigh Valley's dance revolution. Dance Fusion is a performing arts studio that wants to bring you a new experience.

Our Philosophy:

The basic need to dance is inborn in all of us. Movement is a quiet therapy without words; so much can be learned and gained through movement. Dance develops agility, discipline, focus, determination, courage, strength, grace, as well as honor, energy, spiritual depth, creativity, commitment…we could go on and on. It is a powerful impulse that is expressed through movement; a skillfully choreographed performance art. Our aim is to achieve fusion between the two concepts of movement and performance. 

You will find that our positive, friendly, and professional staff can help you gain confidence, poise, and athleticism. Dance can be disciplined and competitive. It is also fun and great exercise! Choose your style, we'll have the right class for you!

Our Mission:

Dance Fusion's goal is to provide quality performing arts education while promoting and establishing a positive, friendly, professional environment for students of all ages. We offer a creative, fun and exciting atmosphere for students to train in the performing arts. We believe such an environment is essential for young people to grow into healthy, responsible and productive adults. 

Our Location:

We are located at the Fogelsville Center (near Cracker Barrel.) Route 100/ Tilghman Street (Old 22) Immediately north of the four-way interchange of Exit 49B I-78 and State Highway Route 100 and Old Route 22. Directly behind the Arby's Restaurant.

Kristi McInerney (Dreyer) and her husband Michael, own and operate Dance Fusion Studio for Performing Arts. As a young woman, she had the opportunity to study at the Lehigh Valley Ballet Guild under the instruction of the late Alexi Ramov. Kristi is a 1997 graduate of DeSales University with a Bachelor's Degree in Dance. She has over 14 years of experience in teaching children and adults of all ages and levels in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Creative Movement, and Yoga. She has performed and choreographed for several shows at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, currently for the locally televised Greater Ms. Berks County Scholarship Organization, and for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Kristi has also choreographed for many local High School Musicals and Lehigh Valley and Berks County area festivals. She was Assistant Director for the Eastern Pennsylvania Ballet Theatre for 6 years where she choreographed and produced several productions of The Nutcracker and quite a few other children's Ballets. Kristi continues to develop her skills as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher by attending classes, performances, and workshops on a regular basis. She incorporates a positive and fun teaching style, emphasizing self- confidence and performance in her classes. 


Lights! Camera! Action! Recital time is very exciting! Every class works extremely hard from January through June to learn a special dance, acting scene, or acrobatic routine for the show. Attendance is of the utmost importance during this time. Any student who misses more than 3 lessons during this very important time will be evaluated for participation in the recital. The stage is very different from the studio. There are many more distractions. We want every student to have a great experience at recital so each student is required to attend all rehearsals in order to participate in the show. 

Costumes & Costume Payments:

Each teacher picks a special costume for the recital. The costumes are usually ordered from a catalog. Even though we measure each student carefully to ensure the best fit, be prepared to make some minor adjustments. A $25 costume deposit will be collected for every student in each class by October 1 and the remaining balance will be due December 1. Costumes will not be ordered for those students who are not current with tuition and costume balances by December 15th. 

Parking Drop-off & Pick-up:

Please use caution while driving through our parking area. Parents MUST walk young students into the building for their safety. Older students may be dropped off at the sidewalk. All students should arrive dressed for class 5-10 minutes prior to class. Please arrive a few minutes early to pick students up on time. Students that are picked up late disrupt the following class. Please do not drop students off early so they can “hang out” before class. We are simply not staffed to supervise children outside of their scheduled class time. If someone other than a parent is picking up your child, please notify the studio.

Inclement Weather, Missed, & Make-Up Classes:

If the local public schools are closed due to inclement weather, the studio will be closed if the roads are still unsafe at class time. Call the studio if you are uncertain whether or not we are open. Cancelled classes will be made up at a later date. If you miss a class, you still pay for that lesson. If you miss several classes, we will try to arrange a time to make up the work. If you plan to discontinue dance lessons, you must notify the studio or you will be charged for all classes until notification is received. Two weeks' notice is required for cancellation. 

Classes Offered

Tiny Tots (2yrs) - A fun and exciting way to introduce 2 year olds to music and motion (and a good break for Mommy too!) Exercises, balance, tumbling, rhythm, are emphasized in a fun yet structured environment. 

Class Length: 45 min. 
Attire: Girls: Leotard & Pink Tights (Fresh Diaper)
Boys: White Shirt & Black Pants (Fresh Diaper) 
Shoe: Girls: Pink Ballet Slipper
Boys: Black Ballet Slipper 

Creative Movement (3-5yrs) -This Class is Designed to develop upper and lower body strengthening and stretching, gross and fine motor skills, coordination and encouraging group interaction. Exercises, tumbling, dancing, and lots of imagination are the core of this class! Students must be fully toilet trained.

Class Length: 45 min. 
Attire: Girls: Leotard & Pink Tights 
Boys: White Shirt & Black Pants 
Shoe: Girls: Pink Ballet Slipper
Boys: Black Ballet Slipper 

Kinderdance Combo (5-7yrs) - A beginner dance class consisting of a total of one hour of Ballet & Jazz or Ballet & Tap. 

Class Length: 1 Hour 
Attire: Girls: Leotard & Pink Tights 
Boys: White Shirt & Black Pants 
Shoe: Girls: Pink Ballet Slipper, Black Ballet Slipper for Jazz, Black Paten Leather Mary Jane Tap Shoe
Boys: Black Ballet Slipper for Ballet and Jazz, Black Paten Leather Lace Front Tap Shoe

Classical Ballet - The foundation for all dance styles, incorporating strength, coordination, and grace. Classes consist of Barre & Centre work for the more serious and older student with preparation for choreographic variations and Pointe work.

Class Length: 1 Hour 
Attire: Girls: Solid Color Leotard & Pink Tights, Ballet Skirt 
Boys: White Tank Shirt & Black Pants
Shoe: Girls: Pink Ballet Slipper
Boys: Black Ballet Slipper

Pointe - Ballet technique performed at an advanced level in Pointe Shoes. Director recommendation is required. 

Class Length: 30 min
Attire: Girls: Solid Leotard and Pink Tights, Ballet Skirt 
Shoe: Girls: Ballet Pink Pointe Shoe

Tap - A rhythmic, energetic dance style, stressing time, accuracy, articulation of sound, performance & musicality. Students are also taught how to count music. 

Class Length: 1 Hour
Attire: Girls: Aerobicwear / Dancewear required
Boys: White Tank Shirt & Black Pants
Shoe: Girls: Black Front Lace Tap 
Boys: Black Front Lace Tap

Lyrical - A contemporary form of dance which emphasizes a combination of Ballet and Jazz performed to express the lyrics of the song. 

Class Length: 1 Hour 
Attire: Girls: Solid Color Leotard & Pink, Black, or Tan Tights, Ballet Skirt may be worn
Boys: White Tank Shirt & Black Pants
Shoe: Girls: Tan Lyrical Pedini (T-strap shoe with 1” heel)
Boys: Tan Jazz Shoe

Jazz - Dynamic style of dance emphasizing movement combinations, strengthening and stretching. Our goal is to teach a strong and flexible technique allowing dancers to learn varied styles and choreography. 

Class Length: 1 Hour
Attire: Girls: Aerobicwear / Dancewear required
Boys: White Tank Shirt & Black Pants
Shoe: Girls: Black Slip on Jazz Boot
Boys: Black Slip on Jazz Boot

Modern - A free motion form of dance dealing with the elements of space, time, weight, and energy. Students focus on improvisation and creative expression. 

Class Length: 1 Hour 
Attire: Girls: Solid Color Leotard & Pink, Black, or Tan Tights
Boys: White Tank Shirt & Black Pants
Shoe: Girls Tan FootUndeez
Boys: Tan FootUndeez

Hip Hop -This is an exciting urban style dance class which incorporates body isolations, movement combinations, and high energy with today’s funky music video dance steps. Hip hop exposes students to the fundamentals of MTV-style street dance. 

Class Length: 1 Hour
Attire: Girls: Aerobicwear / Dancewear required
Boys: Comfortable Clothes
Shoe: Girls: Black Dance Sneaker
Boys: Black Dance Sneaker

Musical Theatre - Focused on acting, voice, and drama, this class will teach theatre education; including auditioning techniques. Explore the excitement and fun of theatre through role play, games, creative drama, improvisation, and the exposure to plays and musicals. 

Class Length: 1 Hour
Attire: Girls: Comfortable Clothes
Boys: Comfortable Clothes
Shoe: Girls: Check with Instructor
Boys: Check with Instructor

Theatre Dance - A Jazz based class that explores dance through choreography based on Broadway Musicals. 

Class Length: 1 Hour
Attire: Girls: Aerobicwear / Dancewear required
Boys: Comfortable Clothes
Shoe: Girls: Black Character Shoe
Boys: Black Slip on Jazz Boot 

Acrobatics - An Introductory acrobatics program focusing on floor tumbling. This class is designed to improve balance, coordination, flexibility. 

Class Length: 1 Hour
Attire: Girls: Leotard & Bare legs/Footless Tights 
Boys: White Shirt & Black Pants
Shoe: None

Fusion Yoga (adults/teens) -Yoga classes combine traditional yoga techniques with familiar strengthening exercises to provide a complete workout for the mind and body. Designed to tone muscles and improve strength and flexibility, it will be your 1hr/week vacation from everyday life. 

Bring a Yoga Mat & Towel. Wear comfortable clothes, No Shoes.

Dance Fitness (adults)- A fun dance exercise class designed to tone muscles and lose inches. This class is designed to be do-able for everyone.

Bring a towel. Wear comfortable clothes, Sneaker with Non-Marking Sole.

Private & Semi-Private Lessons - (At the Director’s discretion) 30 minute lesson in groups of 1-6 dancers. Students must be at least 6 yrs of age and enrolled in regular weekly class to enroll. 

Monthly Tuition

$20 Registration fee per family (non-refundable)
Total Family Hours/Week Rate
45 min $30

4.5 hrs

1 hr $36 5 hrs $144
1.5 hrs $52 5.5 hrs $156
2 hrs $68 6 hrs $166
2.5 hrs $81 6.5 hrs $176
3 hrs $94 7 hrs $186
3.5 hrs $106 *unlimited $199
4 hrs $120
Private Lessons: 30 min $29/lesson
Semi-Private (per student): 30 min $19/lesson

Payment Policy:

Tuition is payable in ten installments, with each installment due on the first of each month. Students may not participate in classes if balance remains unpaid into the second week of the month. Make checks payable to: Kristi McInerney. Please mark the student’s name and class time on your checks or envelopes and place in the tuition box located in the lobby. There is a $20 service charge for any returned checks. Credit Card payments are accepted through PayPal on our website. There are no refunds or credits for missed lessons. A late fee may be applied to any payments received after the 10th of the month. Students may not drop classes for a month and expect their place to be held the following month (except in the case of doctor excuse.) We allow 2 make-up lessons per school year. You will be charged for all classes until notification is received. Two weeks' notice is required for cancellation. 

Rules & Regulations

Let’s Work Together To Make This A Great Place For You!

· NO smoking, food, drink, candy, or gum of any kind is allowed in any of our dance studios.

· Please use the bathroom prior to class to limit disruption.

· Do not wear dance shoes outside. Change them at the studio. This will keep your shoes clean and in good condition, and protect the studio dance floor.

· No street shoes on the studio dance floor! Dance fitness students must purchase a pair of sneakers with a non-marking sole for the sole purpose of studio use.

· For your safety, students without proper dance attire and shoes will not be allowed to participate in class.

· Parents are permitted to observe class through the viewing windows only. Please do not stand in or block the doorways.

· All cell phones should be turned off in any of the dance studios. Cell phones may be used in the front office area or outside the building.

· Keep your belongings in a dance bag with you in the studio & put your name on everything! Dance Fusion Performing Arts Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen dance equipment.

· No unnecessary talking during class.

· No video cameras are allowed in class without advance permission from the studio owner.

· Safety first! Anyone who hits, pushes, grabs, or is rude to the teacher or other students will be removed from class. Dance is recommended for many behavioral issues and special needs, but physical and verbal aggression is not one of them. "Treat others as you would like to be treated."

· Listen, watch, learn – and have FUN!

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