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Tuition _____________________________________________

2011-12 Monthly Tuition
$20 Registration Fee Per Family (non-refundable)
Total Sibling Hours/Week
45 min $35 per month   4.5 hrs $150 per month
1 hr $40 per month   4.75 hrs $153 per month
1.25 hrs $49 per month 5 hrs $162 per month
1.5 hrs $57 per month 5.25 hrs $168 per month
1.75 hrs $66 per month 5.5 hrs $171 per month
2 hrs $74 per month 5.75 hrs $178 per month
2.25 hrs $80 per month 6 hrs $183 per month
2.5 hrs $89 per month 6.25 hrs $188 per month
2.75 hrs $97 per month 6.5 hrs $193 per month
3 hrs $105 per month 6.75 hrs $199 per month
3.25 hrs $110 per month 7 hrs $204 per month
3.5 hrs $117 per month 7.25 hrs $209 per month
3.75 hrs $125 per month 7.5 hrs $215 per month
4 hrs $134 per month 7.75 hrs $218 per month
4.25 hrs $138 per month 8 hrs $220 per month

*Unlimited Sibling Classes $225 per month

New for 2011-12… Private Lesson 1 per month/$20,  2 per month/$35
(Must be enrolled in 2 hours of regular dance classes)


Regular Private Lesson Rate: 

30 min  $29 per session  or $116 per month (4 sessions)

 1 hour  $39 per session or  $152 per month (4 sessions)

Regular Semi-Private Lesson Rate:

$30 min $19 per person or $76 per month (4 sessions)


2011-12 Adult Classes

(Rates below are for 6 Week Sessions)

$48 for 1 class per week, $78 for 2 classes per week
Unlimited Classes $90

Click Here For Current Adult Class Schedule

$36 per session (1hr /week/6 weeks) when your child is enrolled in any class!

Recital Costumes

A deposit of $25 per costume is due by October 1st. 
Costume balances are due by January 4th. 

Total costume cost ranges are between $45-$70 per costume.

Payment Policy _______________________________________

Child Classes:  Tuition is payable in ten installments, with each installment due on the first of each month. Students may not participate in classes if balance remains unpaid into the second week of the month. Make checks payable to: Dance Fusion. Please mark the student’s name and class time on your checks or envelopes and place in the tuition box located in the lobby. There is a $30 service charge for any returned checks. Credit Card payments are accepted through PayPal on our website. Click here to make a payment.  There are no refunds or credits for missed lessons. A late fee may be applied to any payments received after the 10th of the month. Students may not drop classes for a month and expect their place to be held the following month (except in the case of doctor excuse.) We allow 2 make-up lessons per school year.  You will be charged for all classes until notification is received. Two weeks' notice is required for cancellation. 

Adult Classes:  Full payment must be made at the time of registration.  Once payment is received, your space will be reserved.    Refunds may be given prior to the first class meeting. No refunds or credits will be given after the first class meeting for missed classes for any reasons except for emergencies, severe illness, or injury. If a class is cancelled for any reason, a suitable replacement class will be provided.  Make checks payable to: Dance Fusion. Please mark your checks or envelopes with class selections and class times and mail them to us, or place in the tuition box located in the reception area at the studio. There is a $30 service charge for any returned checks.  Credit Card payments are accepted through PayPal on our website.  Click here to make a payment.

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